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Method and ADO Coach to GPS Project Teams who has substantial understanding of the Project Delivery processes and responsibilities, and applies knowledge and skills to support Project Teams in completing a wide range of tasks using ADO

Strong understanding of application development and software development life cycle concepts

Experience: 4-8yrs 



-        Provides hands-on coaching on ADO functions and processes, such as:

·       Backlog and Boards

·       Dashboards

·       Wiki

-        Provides coaching on Method

-        Provides guidance on project management procedures, processes and techniques, such as:

·       Initial project setup based on workorder

·       Sprints

·       Estimating with Story Points

·       Sprint Meetings

·       Sprint and Project Burndown monitoring

·       Using historic velocity for Sprint Planning

Enrichment and Enhancement:

-        Facilitates ADO Design Feedback loop to Method/ADO Design Team

-        Supports enrichment of ADO Template

-        Supports implementation of ADO Template enhancements in ongoing projects

Supports measurement process and achieving the expected efficiency gains with focus on effort and duration reductions


Coaching –provides coaching and training to all the project teams on Method, Azure DevOps and Project delivery processes

Support focus – provides hands on support to project team on Azure DevOps

Feedback and Lessons Learned Loop

Supports organizing Retrospective / Lessons Learned / Feedback sessions on ADO usage and application in projects and feeds back to the ADO Program Team

Provides feedback and recommendations on efficiency gains with strong focus on effort and duration reductions.


Assists with the development of project management reports (ex. progress reports, presentations) using ADO

On-site support of project teams (if needed).

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