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Description & Requirements

Position Summary:

• Performs tasks requiring planning, scheduling, coding and testing to ensure that developed products meet design specifications and are within total quality management limits and standards.

• Communicates with product testers and technical support specialists on product issues.

Essential Duties:

• Work cooperatively and supportively with a team of cross-functional developers in delivering quality software applications end-to-end. Deliver expected requirements according to schedule and specifications.

• Participate in software requirements meetings and/or kickoffs to understand Software requirements and scope.

• Write reusable, testable, efficient codes. Maintain and apply new codes in different branches or development versions of the system whenever applicable.

• Ensure high performance and responsiveness to any technical requests whether requirements analysis, development, testing, maintenance or support.

• Maintain documentations required in the development life cycle (e.g. Software Design Documents) for references and future use.

• Provide project plan and correct estimates of work to be done on maintenance tickets, software changes, and other development tasks.

• Provides accurate and complete status reports to project leads.

• Execute thorough code reviews on fixes for defects and bugs

• Research new technologies or development tools to improve productivity and or existing functionalities and performance indexes of the system.


• Must be willing to work on Landmark Pattern Language (Infor's proprietary language)

• Graduate of bachelor’s degree in Computer Science

• Basic Programming knowledge in Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and related technologies

• Familiarity in the use of development debugging tools (Chrome debugger at a minimum)

• Good understanding of entire development process, including specification, documentation, and quality assurance

• Good technical and analytical knowledge in software development methodologies, design, programming, and implementation.

• Good skills in research and analysis, project planning and implementation.

Soft Skills

• Excellent communication skills both verbal and written

• Excellent analytical skills and systematic approach to problem solving

• Flexible, self-taught, passionate about quality and product excellence

Infor Values:

Our Guiding Principles set the standard for how we work with one another. They define who we are as an organization and guide everything we do. By applying the same shared values that unleash prosperity in free societies—such as value creation, integrity, responsibility, free speech, and toleration—we encourage one another to take initiative and to challenge the status quo.


We have a relentless commitment to a culture based on a business philosophy called Market Based Management® (MBM®). Informed by the principles that allow a free and open society to flourish, MBM® prepares individuals to innovate, improve, and transform while fostering a healthy, growing organization that creates long-term value for its clients and supporters and fulfillment for its employees.