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Are you interested to work in a highly international team, programming for one of the most sophisticated ERP systems?

Come and join our team to build the future of industry enterprise cloud applications. 
We are looking for a talent to join our Supply Chain Execution team, as a Senior Java Developer.

Our product, Infor M3 Cloud, delivers rich, industry-specific functionalities that meet the needs of the chemical, distribution, equipment, fashion, food and beverage, and manufacturing companies.  Read more about our powerful ERP system M3:

Based in our fancy Kista office north of Stockholm, you will work in a talented international team. Our group holds a broad range of competences, from junior developers to application experts. 
Our team members are motivated and friendly colleagues driven by the same ambition to deliver the best possible solution to our customers.

You will work with a powerful large-scale and complex system. You will gain intuition about business practices across different industries and create technical solutions to address those realities. Our focus is to keep modernizing our 13+ millions java code lines system, making it more performant, sustainable, while delivering new functionalities to meet each industry needs.

Your focus will be developing new features as well as maintaining the existing ones.  The job involves analysis, trouble shooting, debugging, coding, testing, and documentation, while continuously learning to stay at the edge of the technology. You will work closely with our business analysts that are skilled functional experts. In our team, our functional experts do have a strong technical background, and we expect you to be a technical expert with a genuine curiosity for the user-facing experience. You will also collaborate with technical architects, product owners, and database experts.

We believe in learning by doing and therefore we will all together help you get up to speed. 
We are humble, yet result-oriented, team players and we hope you are too.
The strength and power of the company lies with our employees and therefore it is important for us to be able to offer a balance between work and leisure and at the same time be able to provide opportunities for personal development.  We work in a hybrid model working from home and in the office.
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A Day in The Life Typically Includes
  • Performs highly complex product design, complex bug verification, develop proof of concepts and evaluate them.
  • Implement sophisticated java solutions in M3 that meets functional requirement, and comply with technical, performance and maintainability standards.
  • Troubleshoot customer issues that may require extensive research and analysis, provide solutions while securing the highest quality and prevent regression.
  • Investigates and conducts analysis of technical innovation to benefit application functionality and performance.

Basic Qualifications
What You Will Need:
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher education in Computer Science or related areas and/or
  • Several years of technical experience in product design, Java programming, and product development.
  • Expert technical knowledge in software development methodologies, design, Java programming, and implementation.
  • Expertise in database management
  • Expert understanding of entire development process, including specification, documentation, and quality assurance.
  • Good knowledge of companies ERP processes and integrations.
  • Have passion for solving problems, providing value for the customer, writing clean code and strive for learning new things.
  • Being self-motivated, ambitious, and having a strong sense of ethics.
  • Willing to work in a team and being a team player and share knowledge with others but also be able to perform tasks individually.
  • Fluent written and spoken English is mandatory.

Preferred qualifications: 
  • Experience from working with software development in M3 Applications.

Om Infor

Infor är en global ledare inom molnbaserade programvaruprodukter för företag på branschspecifika marknader. Infor bygger kompletta branschsviter i molnet och distribuerar effektivt teknik som sätter användarupplevelsen främst, utnyttjar datavetenskap och enkelt integreras i befintliga system. Över 60 000 organisationer världen över förlitar sig på Infor för att övervinna marknadsstörningar och uppnå digital omvandling i hela verksamheten.nbsp;
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Våra värderingar

På Infor strävar vi efter en miljö som bygger på en affärsfilosofi som Principle Based Management™ (PBM™) och åtta vägledande principer: integritet, förvaltarskap och efterlevnad, transformation, principiellt entreprenörskap, kunskap, ödmjukhet, respekt, självförverkligande. Ökad mångfald är viktigt för att återspegla våra marknader, kunder, partners och samhällen vi tjänar i nu och i framtiden.

Vi har ett obevekligt engagemang för en kultur baserad på PBM. Informerad av de principer som tillåter ett fritt och öppet samhälle att blomstra, förbereder PBM™ individer att förnya, förbättra och omvandla samtidigt som de främjar en hälsosam, växande organisation som skapar långsiktigt värde för sina kunder och supportrar och uppfyllelse för sina anställda.

Infor är en arbetsgivare för lika möjligheter. Vi är engagerade i att skapa en mångsidig och inkluderande arbetsmiljö. Infor diskriminerar inte kandidater eller anställda på grund av kön, ras, könsidentitet, funktionshinder, ålder, sexuell läggning, religion, nationellt ursprung, veteranstatus eller någon annan skyddad status enligt lagen.

På Infor värdesätter vi din integritet, därför har vi skapat en policy som du kan här.